01 and 02 Numbers

Remain local with a virtual business number

These numbers will give you a virtual presence in any local area, so you can market into new territories. The benefit is that the number will be familiar to people within the local area, giving customers the confidence to call you straight away.


Reasons to choose an 01 or 02 number

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Gain local trust

People quickly recognise a local number; calling it feels safe and familiar, and your potential customers feel like your business is close to home.

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Win local business

Market in new territories by choosing a local number that is familiar with the local residents. 

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Disaster recovery

All of our call plans have built in disaster recovery if in the event of an emergency of service failure. This enables your business to still take calls even if your landline is down.

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Easy to move

Save time and money when you relocate in the future by keeping the same memorable number.

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Low prices

Our prices may be competitive but our services are of the highest quality as we strive for perfection & client satisfaction.

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Support & training

We provide you with ongoing support & training. We never leave you in the dark.

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